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12.5 mm Modular High Torque Panel Potentiometer

23 January 2023

Panel Potentiometers are variable resistors that are commonly used for all applications involving a reasonable number of cycles (few tens of thousands, manually actuated).

12.5 mm Modular High Torque Panel Potentiometer

road tractors, excavators, cranes
Avionic : overrhead panels
Medical : syringe pumps
Industrial : various parameters to be set up on machines.
Keep the setting under high mechanical constraints (vibrations, shocks, ...)
High torque (8 Ncm) with smooth feeling during all potentiometer life
Torque stability under high environmental constraints
12.5 mm square single turn panel control with 6.35 mm shaft diameters
Custom designs upon request
Compact, versatile, modular, and robust
Tests according to CECC 41000 or IEC 60393-1.
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