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NTC Thermistors, Radial Leaded, Accuracy Line

03 October 2022

These thermistors are made of NTC ceramic material.

NTC Thermistors, Radial Leaded, Accuracy Line

value down to 0.5 %).
Good stability over a long life.
Excellent price/performance ratio.
Low heat conductivity through 0.4 mm Ni-leads.
cULus recognized, file E148885 .
(UL category XGPU2/XGPU8).
Mounting: radial.
Material categorization: for definitions of compliance .
Temperature measurement, sensing and control in.
industrial, consumer and telecom applications. For.
on-board sensing or accurate remote sensing.
(1) Response time in silicone oil MS200/50. This is the time needed for the sensor to reach 63.2 % of the total temperature.
difference when subjected to a temperature change from 25 C in air to 85 C in oil. Thermal time constant by cooling from electrically pre-heated body
(2) Valid for all types with the exception of the R25 values 12 k,22 k and 470 k.
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