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276DM-1LP11-000 electronic component of Etri

DC Fan Ball Bearing 12V 0.07A 0.84W 5500RPM 4.6CFM 28dB Flange Mount

Manufacturer: Etri
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DC Fans
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125DM-1TP31-000 electronic component of Etri 125DM-1TP31-000
DC Fan Ball Bearing 12V 3.1W 2300RPM 94.93CFM 38dB Flange Mount
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126LH-0282-000 electronic component of Etri 126LH-0282-000
AC Fan Ball Bearing 115V 0.05A 5W/4W 50Hz/60Hz 1350RPM/1550RPM 12.71CFM/14.83CFM 10dB/11dB Flange Mount
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141LV-2281-010 electronic component of Etri 141LV-2281-010
AC Fan Salt Fog Sleeve Bearing 208V to 240V 0.06A/0.055A 10W/9W 50Hz/60Hz 1600RPM/1700RPM 49.79CFM/55.09CFM 27.5dB/28dB Flange Mount
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158DL-1LP11-000 electronic component of Etri 158DL-1LP11-000
DC Fan Axial Ball Bearing 12V 6V to 15V 57.2CFM 29.5dB( 119 X 119 X 32mm)
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230DS-1LP11-000 electronic component of Etri 230DS-1LP11-000
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235DL-1LP11-000 electronic component of Etri 235DL-1LP11-000
DC Fan Axial Ball Bearing 12V 4V to 13.8V 84.76CMF 34dB
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246DH-1LP11-000 electronic component of Etri 246DH-1LP11-000
DC Fan Axial Ball Bearing 12V 7V to 13.8V 35.34CFM 31dB 80 X 80 X 25.4mm
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270DM-1LP11-000 electronic component of Etri 270DM-1LP11-000
270DM1LP11000 etri
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246DH-5LP11-000 electronic component of Etri 246DH-5LP11-000
DC Fan Ball Bearing 5V 0.43A 2.15W 3000RPM 35.3CFM 31dB Flange Mount
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272DH-1LP11-000 electronic component of Etri 272DH-1LP11-000
DC Fan Ball Bearing 12V 0.11A 1.32W 4000RPM 16.6CFM 28dB Flange Mount
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Image Description
FAD1-04020CBLW11 electronic component of Qualtek FAD1-04020CBLW11

DC Fan Axial Ball Bearing 12V 6.999CFM 30dB 40 X 40 X 20mm
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OD1238-24MB electronic component of Orion OD1238-24MB

DC Fans DC Fan, 120x38mm, 24VDC, 95CFM, 0.23A, 41dBA, 2540RPM, Dual Ball Bearing, Wire Leads
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OD9225-12HB electronic component of Orion OD9225-12HB

DC Fans DC Fan, 92x25mm, 12VDC, 53CFM, 0.24A, 35dBA, 2900RPM, Dual Ball Bearing, Wire Leads
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SD8025-24M-S electronic component of Sinwan SD8025-24M-S

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FAD1-04010BBLW11 electronic component of Qualtek FAD1-04010BBLW11

DC Fan Axial Ball Bearing 5V 4.2CFM 21dB 40 X 40 X 10.5mm
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AFB0612SH-A electronic component of Delta AFB0612SH-A

DC Fans DC Tubeaxial Fan, 60x25mm, 12VDC, Ball Bearing, Lead Wires
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CFM-A225-13-10 electronic component of CUI Devices CFM-A225-13-10

DC Fan Axial Ball Bearing 12V 6V to 13.8V 126.89CFM 53.5dB 120 X 120 X 25.4mm High Speed
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AUB0824VH electronic component of Delta AUB0824VH

DC Fans DC Tubeaxial Fan, 80x25.4mm, 24VDC, Superflo Bearing, Lead Wires
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109P0412G3023 electronic component of Sanyo Denki 109P0412G3023

DC Fans DC Fan, 40x28mm, 12VDC, Groove for Lead
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3110KL-04W-B40-E00 electronic component of MinebeaMitsumi 3110KL-04W-B40-E00

DC Fan Axial Ball Bearing 12V 6V to 13.8V 35.3CFM 31dB 80 X 80 X 25mm
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Tariff Desc

8414.59.90 FANS INCORPORATING BRUSHLESS MOTORS, having ANY of the following:
(a) DC powered;
Op. 19.10.2000 Dec. 05.01.2001 - TC 0008777