Environmental test equipment is a type of testing technology used to measure and evaluate the environmental performance of products, services, and processes. These tests can be used to understand how a product or component might be affected by different environmental conditions, such as temperature, moisture, pressure, and corrosion. The goals of environmental testing include improving the functionality and quality of products, as well as ensuring that they are safe and comply with regulation. Environmental test equipment is essential for many industries, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, defence, and manufacturing. These tests can be divided into two main categories: static and dynamic. Static tests involve measurements taken of a product in a controlled environment, typically without any external input. Dynamic tests involve exposing a product to variable and often more extreme environments, such as high-speed wind tunnels, salt fog chambers, and vibration chambers, designed to check for durability and resilience. Environmental test equipment can include a variety of testing technologies, such as thermometers, humidity meters, pressure gauges, and spectrophotometers.

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    Meter: temperature; LCD; Sampling: 1x/s; -50÷300°C; Probe l: 105mm
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