A fixed inductor is a type of passive electrical component that stores energy within a magnetic field when exposed to electric current. Unlike a variable inductor, the inductance of a fixed inductor cannot be adjusted. The inductance of a fixed inductor is fixed in design; however, the magnetic characteristics of the inductor may vary within a narrow range. Fixed inductors come in many different sizes and shapes, ranging from large coils to small surface-mount devices (SMD). The properties of a fixed inductor depend on the core material, construction, and shape of the coil. Common applications of fixed inductors include filters, oscillators, and power supplies.

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    10 nH Unshielded Drum Core, Wirewound Inductor 800 mA 80mOhm 0805 (2012 Metric)
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     Wirewound 0805 (2012 METRIC)Unshielded10 nH± 2 %             0805CTCut Tape